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10 Best Gifts for the Stationery Lover

10 Best Gifts for the stationery lover

10 Best Gifts for the stationery lover

Christmas day is SO soon upon us now. I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. I love nothing more than spoiling my family with gifts. It doesn’t hurt getting a few in return. I’ll admit I’m pretty materialistic at times and love cute trinkets and fun stationery.

For anyone who’s shopping for the stationery lover in their life, I’ve put together a quick easy list of 10 of my favorite stationery items that I know I would love to receive – even the ones I already have!

  1. Knock Knock Pad

    There are so many options – from productive, to funny, to crude to sweet. They have it all.

  2. Glitter Highlighters

    However these beautiful babies are still rare and harder to find.

    10 Best Gifts for the stationery lover

  3. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

    Great for coloring or just as your favorite pen, these come in packs of all shapes and sizes. They can be pricy, but worth it. They get my top vote for favorite pen. Ink Joy gel pens are a close second.

  4. Rose Gold Office Supplies.

    They’re all the rage, but it’s because they’re gorgeous. Cause plain gold paperclips just aren’t as fun anymore.

  5. An Etsy gift card.

    Buy allll the stickers!!

    10 Best Gifts for the stationery lover

  6. Diamond-Topped Ballpoint Pens

    Loved by many, I can barely keep these gorgeous pens in stock in my Etsy shop.

  7. Washi Tape

    Used often for planning, scrapbooking, art and crafts washi tape has so many uses. Sometimes I’ll decorate the tube the washi comes in with washi to make a cute pencil holder.

  8. Not your typical boring pushpins.

    The more unique and pretty, the better.

  9. Dotted Notebook

    The Leuchtturm1917 books are pricy but amazing quality. You can find simple dotted notebooks all over the place now. They are so fun for creative personalities. They are used often for bullet journalling. If they’re a stationery lover though, they’ll love any cute notebook.

    10 Best Gifts for the stationery lover

  10. Fun Sticky Notes
    I got the adorable coffee and donut Post-Its above at Staples.


I hope this gives you a few fun ideas for all the stationery junkies in your life. Even if it’s just yourself.

Tell me in the comments – What’s your favorite stationery item?


10 Best Gifts for the stationery lover

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