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10 Baby Steps to a Fitter Lifestyle

10 Ways to Get Into a Fitter Lifestyle by Coffee Brain Plans
Anyone who knows me knows I don’t have a clue about anything when it comes to fitness, gyms and working out and especially healthy eating. Not at all. I was always one of those smaller people who always hears comments about not needing to work out because “you’re so skinny!”


It’s as if I couldn’t want to have a fit, healthy body just because I wasn’t overweight.


I grew tired of it. Then my body grew about 40lbs over time and pregnancies. It was time to finally start living a more active lifestyle in hopes that I’d have a more energized and longer life. And wouldn’t keep adding on the pounds.


10 Ways to Get Into a Fitter Lifestyle by Coffee Brain Plans
I’m by no means an expert. I’m 100% a newbie here.


But if you’re thinking about getting into a more active lifestyle and are worried you might not be able to keep up with it, here are some tips to help keep you motivated.


It’s what’s been helping me!


1. Make a Motivation Board on Pinterest

We will start with something easy you can do without lifting more than a few fingers. Make a fitness motivation board on Pinterest, and pin what inspires you. Some ideas to pin:
  • Easy/beginner/at home workouts
  • Workout songs
  • Cute active wear
  • Healthy meal ideas
  • High-energy snacks
  • Photos of fit people to inspire you


2. Start Small

Create your own easy start up-routine. I used to do squats or sit-ups or dance around or run up and down the stairs.


3. Use Stickers!

If you’re a planner (like me!) and love planner stickers (like me!) these may come in handy! Etsy has a ton of options for workout stickers to use in a planner, calendar or anywhere you’d like! I especially love the ‘Walk Away Fatty’ stickers from Anxiety Aids Etsy shop.


4. Have Something to Wear

Make sure you have at least one workout outfit that you feel great in. If you don’t feel great in it, you won’t want to wear it. Start with one outfit and if you start getting more consistent and serious about working out, then expand your workout wardrobe. Moisture-wicking or quick-dry items are my favorite when I’m working up a sweat. I never realized what a difference it makes until my workout clothes are still in the laundry and I need to wear regular sweats or yoga pants.
Also – get dressed! Most often just putting on one of my workout outfits inspires me to work out.


5. A Kick-Ass Playlist

Nothing can get me more in the mood to move than a great upbeat playlist. YouTube has a lot of good workout playlists to get you started.


6. Find a Fitness Buddy

If you have a friend with an active lifestyle, ask them their tips. Find someone to join a gym or a class with. I myself could never get into a good routine of working out. I’d try to go to the gym for a few days but then would find myself not making time anymore. Once I found a friend who was looking to start working out more, we both started going to a fitness class together, and now she encourages me to go. It’s something we often do together. Now I even feel comfortable going on my own.


7. Find a Good Class

This goes with what I mentioned before – a friend and I found a workout class called ‘Fusion’ (Fusion is a combination of kickboxing, turbo, strength training, cardio and choreography). It makes me sweat, it works my muscles. Most importantly – it’s really fun. It really makes me want to workout.


8. There’s an App for That

Find an app to keep you challenged! Back in the day I really liked how My Fitness Pal app worked, although I’m not familiar with it now. Here’s a list of 49 Fitness Apps of 2015.


9. Challenge Yourself

Write down your goals and/or challenges somewhere you can see them. Fun challenges can be things like:
– Do 30 squats a day for a week
– Train yourself to run in a short marathon
– Be able to go from doing 0 pushups to 10!


10. Focus on the Why

When you feel yourself getting discouraged, remember why you’re doing this. Whether it’s for health reasons or weight loss or whatever reason, it takes a lot of time and effort before you’ll see results. So encourage yourself to keep trying.


10 Baby Steps to a Fitter Lifestyle
What are your best tips for anyone trying to get into a fitter lifestyle? Let us know in the comments!

One thought on “10 Baby Steps to a Fitter Lifestyle

  1. I decided to visit your website after I read your comment on BBB. I was really excited to read some posts about planning (I’ve just started a bullet journal), but instead I happened upon this post first. I really like it. I feel like it’s very relatable and I love the challenge yourself one. I fall off the wagon all the time when it comes to challenging myself in fitness, but maybe it’s because I choose to do month long challenges. I should really start smaller with something that seems more attainable, like 30 squats for a week or getting to 10 push-ups. Thanks for the tip! I’m looking forward to clicking around and reading more about how you’ve turned planning into a creative outlet!

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