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My Planner Lineup for 2018

My 2018 Planner Lineup - The top items I will be using the most for planning in 2018

2017 has been a huge year for the planner community, I think. I feel like planners have exploded in popularity. Instead of a small display, planners have their own aisles and sections. There has been SO much product released in the past year.

It’s overwhelming. It really is. Even I – a Happy Planner addict of a year and a half – have a hard time knowing what will work, what to buy and what to skip.

The latest release of Happy Planner items did not help.

So without further introduction, these are the main planner items that I will be using in 2018.

1. My Happy Planner Trio

The Planners I will be using for 2018" Happy Planner Trio

I have a Happy Planner in each size – mini, classic and big.

My classic is my main planner. The mini is my budget/envelope system. It is the actual budget edition: The Happy Planner Mini Budget Edition. The big is my business/social media planner. It is the Modern Simple design.

I also have a Recollections goals planner (it has like 19 months!) to plan through my biggest goals and be able to track my progress.

2. The Pens

No matter what I try, I always come back to my Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. I found many great deals leading up to Christmas so I have a great collection going now. I also use InkJoy Gel pens from time to time and Pigma Micron pen in 0.25 tip. Insanely fine-tipped.

3. The Accessories

A. I’m in love with my snap-in pen holder.
B. Check it Off half page inserts for my big Happy Planner. I love half page inserts.
C. Snap in Sticky Notes.
D. Social media headers for my big Happy Planner. These are available in my shop.

4. Happy Planner Inserts

These are all Happy Planner inserts I will be using. One I made myself.

A. Budget sheet that comes in the budget planner.
B. To Do list inserts from the original “Home Planner” extension.
C. Meal Planning half sheets.
D. Cash envelopes I made myself to follow Dave Ramsey’s envelope system, and utilize some tips from Fun Cheap or Free.
E & F. The new 6 month undated extension. I added this extension to both my classic and big.


Now I will admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the style of the classic planner that I chose so I’m looking to switch it out, but I will 100% be using a classic vertical Happy Planner as my main planner of 2018.

What are your planning staples for 2018? Share in the comments! My Planner Lineup for 2018

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