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15 Signs You Might Be a Planner Addict

15 Signs You Might be a Planner Addict

15 Signs You Might be a Planner Addict

15 Signs You Might be a Planner Addict

1. You’ve never used a planner from beginning to end because you always get a new one (or two or three) somewhere in the middle.

2. Not only do you have a lot of washi tape, but you constantly find yourself buying new storage to hold all the new washi.

3. Your Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of planner hauls and spreads.

4. You see the words ‘haul’ and ‘spread’ and think of planner supplies and a decorated planner week instead of whatever those words are really supposed to mean.

5. You not only own multiple planners, you actually successfully use multiple planners.

6. You’ve converted as least 3 people you know into planner lovers.

7. You start to feel ashamed or too well-known every time you step foot into Michael’s or Hobby Lobby because you’re there all the time.

8. You feel a rush whenever you’re standing in a planner / stationery aisle of any store.

9. Sometimes you find planner goodies that you bought but forgot about because you have so much of it now.

10. You’ve ever used an entire MAMBI Happy Planner sticker book.

11. Your Etsy sticker stash almost needs its own corner.

12. You’re a member of 10+ planner Facebook groups and you’re active in most of them.

13. You love showing off your planner as it’s one of your prized possessions.

14. People see your planner and accessories and think you’re crazy.

15. This entire list applies to you.


How many apply to you?