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My 2018 Goals and Why I Need Them

My 2018 Goals and Why I Needed Them

My 2018 Goals and Why I Needed Them

I’ve also been a huge fan of setting goals. I am also one of those people who like their goals to have a specific start date – first day of the year, month, or week.

Therefore, I had most of my 2018 goals laid out before Christmas rolled around.

I’m going to break them down into two categories – personal and business.


Personal Goals for 2018

  1. Exercise

    I would like to do at least a little bit of exercise daily. Even if it’s just simple things like 20 squats. A little exercise is better than no exercise. My health and recent weight gain are depending on it.

  2. Read 2 Books

    I used to love to read, but since having my kids there are just so many other things I find myself doing. I want to start putting my phone away in the evenings sometimes, and pick up a book instead. Last year my goal was 3 books and I failed horribly. I didn’t even read a whole book. So this year my goal is two.

  3. Meal Plan

    No one in my household enjoys cooking much. No one enjoys it less than me. Trying to figure out what’s for supper at the very last minute on a daily basis just isn’t working for me anymore. I want a plan to follow. Both in the kitchen, and in the grocery store. This goes along with our need to budget below.

  4. Build a Stricter Budget

    I’m going to get really candid here and admit that about a year ago, we took out a $15,000 loan. It was to pay off our credit cards, get bunk beds for our girls and to have some security. Through a series of a million bad decisions, we blew through that money in less than a year and the credit card is maxed again. To get ourselves back on track, we’ve started taking some of Dave Ramsey’s advice. We are almost at the $1000 emergency fund, and we’re working on the debt snowball.

  5. Organize & Declutter Our Home

    In September 2016 we added a new member to our family – our youngest daughter. Since then, we have also taken in a surprise child – my 10 year old nephew. We are now squished into our house which is overflowing with too many toys, overstocked closets and mess everywhere. We need


Business Goals for 2018

  1. Have and utilize a business/social media planner. 

    I’ve had a business planner (it’s this Big Happy Planner¬†that I mentioned in my planner lineup for 2018) for awhile but would find myself not using it and doing everything on the fly. I find I’m less overwhelmed when I plan out what I’d like to do. Now I’m trying to keep all my ideas in that planner and actually use the weekly pages to plan out my ideas.

  2. Start and Grow my Email List

    I know that a key way to get in touch with your community is by having an email list. I’m excited about having an more straight-forward and easier way to send out information about sales, freebies etc. I hope you’ll sign up. Just pop your email address in the box.

  3. Batch Days

    I am someone who used to think multi-tasking was fantastic. I heard one person mention having a batch day for their different business tasks and I’m now converted. A batch day is where instead of doing all of this in one day – Make a Facebook page post, post on Twitter, write a blog post, take pictures and edit them for the blog post, comment on other blogs you would batch some of it together. For example, on Wednesday I will plan and schedule my Facebook page posts for the entire week. When I take blog photos, I will take them with a few different blog posts in mind so when I edit, I edit a bunch of photos at once. It helps your brain focus when you’re not switching to a different task every few minutes. True story.

  4. Blog Every Tuesday

    Simple – I want a consistent blogging schedule.

  5. Grow Etsy income monthly

    So far this has been working well. But going from the Christmas rush plus the Boxing day sale in December to many planners having a No Spend January, I think it may be a challenge this month.



4 thoughts on “My 2018 Goals and Why I Need Them

  1. I think these are awesome goals! I like that you separated the personal goals from the business ones. I want a social media planner as well and a bunch of batch days to work on all my blog issues. The best of lucks this 2018!

  2. Good luck with all of your goals this year. I definitely want to schedule ahead more on my blog so I’m not doing things so last minute all the time. I go back and forth on how well I do this, so I need to keep up with it!


  3. I think these are so really great and realistic goals. I like how you divided them up by category for simplification.

    Good luck!

  4. These are great goals!! Get that reading in Mama! It’s such a lifesaver!

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