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30 Things I Accomplished Before 30

30 Before 30


I have about 24 more hours left of being 29. Less than a day.

It’s crazy really. When they say the days are long but the years are short, you don’t realize how true that is until your baby is suddenly 6 and you are 30.

30 is crazy. So hard to believe.

I’ve done so much, yet there’s so much more I want to do.

We will leave the to-do list for another day, but here is 30 amazing things I HAVE done so far in my life.

30 Before 30

30 Amazing Things I’ve Done Before 30

  1. Graduated high school
  2. Moved out on my own
  3. Decided to drop out of university and switch to college
  4. Graduated college
  5. Moved home to be closer to my newborn nephew
  6. Got what was my ‘dream job’ at the time – working in a hotel
  7. Became financially independent
  8. Left my first real relationship that I wasn’t happy in
  9. Got pregnant & had my first daughter
  10. Became a single mother
  11. Met my future husband & step-daughter
  12. Bought my first car
  13. My 2 year old step-daughter moved in with us for 8 months
  14. Overcame my awkward shyness and fear of confrontation
  15. Was diagnosed with anxiety
  16. Started medication for my anxiety which changed my life for the better
  17. Came into hard times, took a job I didn’t like to survive, we got through it
  18. Got married
  19. Got a promotion
  20. Found my passion – became a ‘planner girl’
  21. Got pregnant
  22. Had my second daughter
  23. Decided to start blogging again and invested money in my blog
  24. Survived the most stressful summer job of my life
  25. Decided to leave that job and move on
  26. Got a Costco membership (Yes, this is a big deal)
  27. Started off in debt, then got myself into deeper dept I still need to crawl out of
  28. Traded my first car in to get an even nicer car
  29. Took in my nephew to live with us indefinitely
  30. Became content and happy with my life


30 Before 30

What have you done so far in your life that you’re proud of? 

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