I’m Venassa – the owner and writer for Coffee Brain Plans.

Coffee Brain Plans

Coffee Brain Plans started as a blog a couple of years ago titled ‘Coffee Brain’ which turned into Coffee Brain Blog and then my Etsy shop – Coffee Brain Plans, which started out as a shop simply for printables for your planner. It is now a spot for all things planner related – washi, pens, printables, stickers, etc. I love how much its grown since it was a tiny printables shop.

Since then, I have ended up with this new blog called Coffee Brain Plans.

Coffee Brain Plans is a place for all those people who’s brains may be fueled by coffee. Those who are interested in having a well-planned and organized life. Those who, like me, are just trying to find an easier way to navigate through the chaos that is life.

This Is Me

So a bit about me! I am a mother to two and a half amazing, beautiful little girls. My girls are 1 and 6 and my step-daughter who lives away is almost 7. I have been married to my nerdy husband, Eric, for 2.5 years. We have two adorable cats.

My mother also currently lives with us, along with her two dogs. My nephew moved in recently as well. That puts us at 10 living things residing in our home. 11 when my step-daughter is visiting. It’s pure chaos.

Planner Girl

That’s where planning comes in. I started getting more serious about planning while I was working a very busy management job and trying to juggle pregnancy and a daughter starting school. I got hooked on my Happy Planner and some weeks, decorating my planner then mapping out my week was the only relaxing time I had.

I haven’t stopped since.

Currently I use a mini Happy Planner to keep with me at all times and also as a budget planner. I have a big Happy Planner as my social media & blog planner and I have a classic Happy Planner for everything. I love them all, but I use the classic the most. I also have a Recollections goals planner that I adore. I would highly recommend buying one if you are a goal-getter like myself.

I’m Here To Help

I am here to help people along their planner journey. I will be offering free printables to help you stay organized. My best tips on planning and managing a busy life.

I’m not perfect. We are in debt and I have admitted that I have an addiction to shopping. I have a bit of a junk food obsession. I haven’t been active at all lately.

That’s where the Better Your Life Program comes in.

I will be setting up challenges and tips and a support system on these things we all need help for. Things I’m struggling with too. I know what I need to do to improve my life – I just also need a push. I need to be held accountable.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and share with me your struggles and what direction you would like a push in.

We’re all in this together.