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The Best Planners of 2018

The Best Planners of 2018

The Best Planners of 2018

If you’ve been a decorative planner for more than a few months, you probably know that 2017 was a pretty big year for planners.

MAMBI (Me and My Big Ideas) came out with so many new Happy Planners and tons of accessories.

Washi is popping up, even in stores that don’t really sell much stationery and craft supplies.

Michael’s hosts planner events. There are big planner conferences happening everywhere.

My life has been changed so much when I discovered the community of planning. I joined a few Facebook groups, and follow over 1500 planner-related Instagram accounts. I just relate to so many planner girls more than most people I know in real life. It’s like I finally fit in somewhere. In a community of girls who love to plan and use stickers. I never would’ve guessed.

For 2018, here are what I think are the best planners/methods of planning. I would love to hear which ones you love as well!

Choosing a planner: Bullet Journal (BuJo)

Bullet Journal (BuJo)

A Bullet Journal is like a blank canvas that you create yourself. You start with blank pages – they can be 100% blank or have lines or grids or dots. Everything else is drawn or written in by you.

One of the more popular books used for bullet journaling (that I briefly tried and loved!) is the Leuchtturm 1917. They are beautifully made, open flat, have numbered pages and and a blank table of contents. They’re so easy to work with. You can also find so many awesome stencils and accessories to make bullet journaling look awesome even if you are like me and can’t draw a straight line.

(Read: Bullet Journal Article on Buzzfeed)

Erin Condren Life Planner (EC)

Another huge planner line – they have Life Planners, Teacher Planners, and Wedding Planners. In mini style they have Meal Planners, Pregnancy Journals and Baby Trackers. You can customize your cover, pick your layout and color scheme and coil color.

Choosing a planner: Happy Planner

Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is my planner of choice and in my opinion one of the best planners of all time. It is a disc-bound planner system so you can easily move things around by taking them off the discs and putting them back on wherever you’d like. There are just so many options – the sizes come in mini, classic and big.

You can get snap-in covers or slide the planner into one of the deluxe covers. Happy Planner has their own books of stickers made especially to fit the planners. Most sticker books are made for the Classic planner, but there are a few sticker books for the Big Happy Planner and they finally just rolled out a few books of stickers for the Mini Happy Planner.

The planners can come in vertical or horizontal layouts. These planners can be dated or undated. Some are themed – Mom Life, Faith, Recipe. Others are bright and colorful all over, some are neutral.

One of the best parts is that once you’re done with a planner (if you don’t keep it for the memories) you can use the spare parts – the discs and covers are interchangeable.

Passion Planner

Passion Planner is the perfect planner for the passionate goal-setter. There are spots to plan out your passions, plan your week hourly, add to-dos at the bottom, draw pictures, reflect on the month past. If you sign up with your email address, they will give you access to a printable PDF to try out the Passion Planner for free.

Plum Paper Planner

Plum Paper is a line of planners that you can customize yourself or are ready to ship. They have vertical, horizontal, fitness, student, teacher and home-teacher planners. The link above for their website will bring you to a breakdown of all the products they sell and what you need to know about them. They also have notebooks, stickers or other add-ons.

Choosing a planner: Traveller's Notebook

Traveller’s Notebook (TN)

Traveler’s Notebook is typically a leather cover with an elastic band to hold notebooks inside and an elastic band to keep it closed. Like the BuJo, it’s completely customizable.

Some Honorable Mentions That I Don’t Know Much About:

Personal Planner

Ring binder system such as Foxy Fix

Kate Spade Planner

Or any kind of planner from your local book store. Planners are all the craze right now so you can find a decent one on any corner. It just depends on what traits and qualities you need in your planner.

What is your favorite planner for 2018? Please tell me in the comments. 

The Best Planners of 2018

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