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November New Releases and Coming Soon and An Exciting Announcement

Pastel full box sticker for the Happy Planner by Coffee Brain Plans

The Great Canadian Planner sale has come and gone and I would say it was a success. I could’ve done better but now I have plans for things to improve and have lowered some shipping costs and hiked up some shipping costs.

I made a shop announcement regarding it, but it was too costly shipping the thick washi (only within Canada – how sad for Canada Post) so I had to bump up that price a lot. If you’re ever interested in one of my thicker rolls of washi but don’t like the shipping price, there is also the option of getting it as a sample (just convo me!) or if you order a few rolls of washi, it will help offset the cost.

I’ve been hard at work (kinda) so I wanted to show a few things that are new to the shop as well as a few things I plan to add during the month of November.

New Releases:

I just added these Retro Cursing Planner stickers today.

Retro Cursing Bitch Fuck Planner Stickers by Coffee Brain Plans
These Bow Planner Clip planner stickers were added last weekend. They’re even cuter in person.
Pink bow planner clip planner stickers by Coffee Brain Plans
These Coil Planner with Tassel Planner stickers were also added about a week ago.
Coil Planner with Tassel planner stickers by coffee brain plans
These Pastel Stitched Full Box planner stickers are my favorite new release. The Half Boxes can be found under the same link.
Pastel full box sticker for the Happy Planner by Coffee Brain Plans Pastel half box planner stickers for Happy Planner or Erin Condren by Coffee Brain Plans

Coming Soon:

With the holidays fast approaching, I’m about to list a bunch of holiday washi. If certain rolls sell quickly, I may restock but most likely the stock listed will be the final numbers.

I am also going to be working on some Christmas mini kits. I’m more about white space planning. I do enjoy some no white space planning every now and then for my own planner but mostly prefer to keep it simple.

I sent out some Christmas samplers in recent sticker orders. I will be using this clip art set to create one of the mini Christmas kits. Stay tuned for that.

Christmas Sampler Planner Stickers by Coffee Brain Plans

I will also soon be looking to put together a small sticker PR team. With that you would get your own discount code, a discount code for your followers, shop credit for any order placed with your code and some free stickers! I will be making that announcement with details through my Facebook group┬áso be sure to join so you don’t miss the details!

Thanks so much for your support and happy planning!