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I’ve Discovered My Financial & Life Role Model

One of the biggest tips I can give when trying to better your life is to find a life role model. Someone you can relate to that seems to have the same goals as you do. Even better if this person has accomplished these goals.

This is where my role model comes in.

A couple of nights ago, I was watching a Plan With Me video and you know how YouTube will automatically play a video that is related? Well somehow I ended up on this video about The Simplest Budgeting Method EVER and I haven’t stopped watching videos by these people.

So introducing my life role model:

Fun Cheap or Free

Jordan Page @ Fun Cheap or Free

She is “a Family Finance and Frugal Living expert”, as quoted from her website. She is a blogger that talks about budgeting, meal planning, family, etc. Everything I’ve been wanting to improve at. She has a voice and talking style that just draws me. She’s hilarious. I am loving it so much.

I am for real so inspired.

So far besides the budgeting video I’ve mentioned above, I’ve found such helpful and inspiring information in other videos.

How to do a spending freeze
How she uses her planner as a to-do book
How they plan a year in advance
How she grocery shops

It’s really amazing. If you haven’t heard of her before and are interested in these topics, check our her videos. You will NOT be disappointed.

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Ps – I have no affiliation or get any sort of perks from this – I genuinely just love her!

Do you have a life role model that you follow? Share in the comments. 

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