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My Life Was a Disaster, Begging For a Change

Planning Blogging Pink Desktop

Planning Blogging Pink Desktop

Everything about my life was a disaster.

Don’t get me wrong – I was relatively happy.

My kids are pretty great. We rent a nice place. We own (under a loan) a nice car. We have good jobs. We have plenty of food and our house is overflowing with all the material things we could ever want. Lucky and spoiled, I guess.

But I was under a lot of stress.

I had recently become unhappy in my job. It was becoming more stress than enjoyment.

My house? A disaster. Junk and clutter in every corner. Clothes overflowing out of our closets onto the floor in corners. Everything an unorganized mess.

My body? Adding on pounds by the day, it seemed. My bloated stomach protruding out more and more. I had three people in one month ask my due date. My baby was 8 months old. And this wasn’t baby weight – it was unhealthy weight. My eating habits were embarrassing. My fitness routine? I would chose stairs over the elevator. That’s as in-depth as my fitness routine went.

My diet? Also embarrassing.

I was developing adult acne. I was slipping down a steep spiral of not caring about myself or my appearance.

My mind? I was in a state where I had a hard time relaxing unless my body forced me into it. I always had to be doing something. I always felt I wasn’t doing enough. Constantly overwhelmed by every aspect of my life. Feeling like I was failing at everything. Not being a good enough mom, employee, boss, friend, wife.

I was in desperate need of a change.

I’ve always had the quote in the back of my mind:

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.

Things needed to change.

Before and after I had my first daughter in 2011, I really enjoyed blogging. I didn’t do it for the audience or the money. I just did it to document my life. Now, in 2017, I wanted to blog again. But I wanted to do more than document my life.

I wanted something that could clear my head. Something I could use as a creative outlet. Something I could use to inspire others. Something to give me purpose and enjoyment again.

I needed to make healthier choices. But I knew I couldn’t do it on my own.

I needed to have a more organized home. And more organized life.

I needed to straighten out my finances.

I made a plan.

So I made a plan.

The ‘Plan a Better Life’ plan.

Or in my case, the ‘Better My Life’ plan. But we’re all struggling with something. We don’t need to do it alone.

Together we can make our goals, take those baby steps, and conquer our struggles. Be a better, happier version of ourselves.

I want you to join me. We can hold each other accountable.

I’m doing this for me. I want to be a better, happier, healthier person. I want to be a better mom. I want to be a better role model for my little girls.

I want to inspire you to do the same.

Is this for you?

If your not sure if this is for you – ask yourself:

  • Do I have goals I’m struggling with?
  • Am I happy with everything in my life?
  • Are there things I want to do better with?
  • Do I enjoy making online friendships and connections?

What is expected of me?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

This is not created to be something anyone has to worry about. Check in when you want help or want to help.

What if I don’t have the same problems or goals?

Everyone is welcome. Share your tips on how you’ve overcome a problem. Or how you’re trying to overcome problem. Anything you’re doing to try to make a better life for yourself or your family.

Where do I start

Start here and now.

First Three Steps to Planning a Better Life

  • Make sure you’re serious about making a change.
  • Make a goal. What do you need to improve on. Start with just one.
  • Write down the first step you can take towards that goal.

Bonus step:

If it’s not for you, leave. No hard feelings. No commitment. No expectations.

Start now. Right now.

And with that being said, I’m going to publish this post, get myself out of my dark basement, hop in the shower and do my hair for the first time in weeks (doing hair, not the shower. I have showered lately!) It’s time to start caring about myself again.


One thought on “My Life Was a Disaster, Begging For a Change

  1. Hey Venassa

    I saw your comment on Money for What Matters (I also commented there) and thought I’d check you out 😉

    You and me are not that different or at least we have been in a similar life situation.

    I hope your new plan works out for you. Sounds to me like you’re on the right track!


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