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Planner Organization: How I Set Up My Happy Planner Pages


How I Organize my Planner Sections

I’m a huge Happy Planner fan and I use one of each size to organize different aspects of my life. Today I’m going to focus on my Classic Happy Planner (as it’s my most used) and show you what planner organization helps me the most!

When I first started decorative planning, I just put in some stickers wherever (see below) then started writing in what needed to be done. Now, I actually plan (ha!) how I want to put stuff in my planner.

How I Organize my Planner Sections


Being productive comes much easier when I immediately know the main task(s) that I need to focus on. I like to use a half box or a “Top three” checklist at the very top. I’ve tried setting up my pages in other ways but I always keep going back to this.

It helps me to quickly know if I should focus on my blog post, taking photos, editing photos etc. Having it set up this way helps me plan out each smaller task of the day. If I need to focus on taking photos, I know I need to do that at the perfect time of day so that the natural lighting is the best so I won’t schedule errands for late afternoon.


How I Organize my Planner Sections

The Weekend

I don’t add as much to my to-do list on the weekend as I still try to think of it as “time off” from working. I’ll usually use a long checklist for the top boxes. One of the most important parts of my weekly spread is having a “Next Week” list. I add to that throughout the week and those are usually the tasks I write into the next week first, as soon as it’s decorated.


How I Organize my Planner Sections

Check the Calendar

I always write every appointment, bill due, $2 Tuesday etc in the calendar view. That way I have everything in one place. I decorate my planner one week at a time so I don’t like to skip ahead an write on the actual day until I have my stickers down.

Everything is dumped on the calendar view. That way, when I start decorating my week I can look back to see what appointments or activities are happening so I know how busy that day will be.

When I want to put an appointment or something on the actual day, I either use an erasable pen or a sticky note.

The Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Pens are my favorite for this.


How I Organize my Planner Sections

The Sections

The Happy Planner is sectioned into three boxes. You can ignore those boxes and do what you want, or use each box for something specific. Sometimes I like to play with the stickers and put some over the lines so you can’t tell the boxes are there. Other times I use them each for something specific, but the ‘thing’ is almost always different.

Sometimes I’ll use a box for a ‘To Clean’ section and list items that need the most attention around the house. But I will use that section all throughout the week. I don’t usually clean everything in one day.

How I Organize My Happy Planner for Maximum Productivity

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