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Why Aren’t You Reaching Your Goals


5 Questions to ask yourself if you're not reaching your goals

The end of January is coming faster than I’d ever expected. This is usually the time where the gyms slowly start to get less crowded. We start to ditch our salads for burgers. If you’ve held tight to your no spend challenge, I salute you. If your goals are right on track, then that’s fantastic.

This is the time where so many of us fall off the goals and resolutions wagon.

I failed at my no spend. I wanted 100% no spend on anything that wasn’t a necessity in January. Once I made one slip up, I was a slippery slope. I haven’t stopped spending. But I’ve slowed it down a lot.

I find the biggest thing with this time of year is to get back on that wagon.

We strive so much for perfection that as soon as we’re not doing perfect, we’re giving up.

(Or is that just me?)

The following are a few ways to get yourself back on track if you feel yourself slipping. How to re-motivate yourself to reach those goals you once set.

After all, you set them for a reason.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself

if You’re not Reaching Your Goals


Why Did You Set Your Resolutions?

Why do you want to lose 20 pounds? To fit in that dress? To feel better about yourself? Remind yourself what you have to gain by achieving the goal. Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Did You Break Them Down Into Baby Steps?

If your goal is to run a marathon and you’ve never run before, you can’t just wake up one day and run that marathon. You need to practice and train. You need the right running shoes. You need a place to run. Make your smaller goal be to be able to run half the length of the marathon in a certain amount of time.

Did You Make Time to Work at Your Goals?

Plain and simple – if you don’t take the time to work at your goals and plan them out, it will be next to impossible to reach them. If your goal is to become more fluent in French but you can’t seem to find the time to learn, maybe you can listen to an audio book on your commute to work. Get some exercise by talking a brisk walk on your lunch break.

Are Your Goals Attainable?

Whether it’s due to time restraints, lack of money or other reasons, you need to make sure your goal is attainable.

If your budget barely allows you to travel, then having a goal to travel to 20 counties this year may be a bit too big. Losing 100 pounds in 3 months might be something you are able to do, but would it be safe?

Don’t set your goals too big unless you set a time frame that makes sense with it. 20 countries in 5 years might be more attainable. Losing 100 pounds in a year may be a safer option for your health.

What’s Holding You Back?

If you’ve done the rest of the steps right, then what else is holding you back? Whether it’s laziness, fear (or fear of failure), procrastination – once you identify the problem you can figure out how to work past it.

If it’s laziness, force yourself to work at this goal before you do something that comes easy – like watching TV or gaming on your phone. This infographic on How to Discipline Yourself is full of great tips.

If it’s because you messed up a perfect goal (like me and my no-spend) start over and this time try to beat the progress you made the time before. If you only did one week of no-spend, try for two.

You want to make sure your goals are:

A) Something you really want

B) Something you can do with time and effort and

C) Something that will bring good into your life


Have you reviewed the progress on your 2018 goals yet?
Let me know how you’re doing in the comments!


5 Questions to ask yourself if you're not reaching your goals


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  1. Definitely good things to keep in mind! It can be tough to stick to your goals, but breaking them down is definitely a good one.


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