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Coffee Brain Plans is about planning, productivity, and living your best life.

I know what it’s like to have too  many items on your plate and only having enough time to take little bites at a time, never finishing what’s there before more food is thrown on. (My kids love to throw food!)

I was finally able to find peace and better ways to organize my time when I discovered the world of planning. 

Now, I may still be overwhelmed and unorganized sometimes, but I know where to go and how to sort it out. How to clear my head. 

I’m here to share with your my best tips and tricks and what has helped for me. 

Read on to find some of the best posts to get you started! 


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I’ve shared all the items I will be using the most to plan in 2018 – from planners, to inserts, to pens. Read My 2018 Planner Linup Here and let me know what YOU will be using. 

I’ve you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or unable to focus on what needs to be done, pick some items to do from this list of 25 Things to Clear Your Head. Most are quick and easy. 

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