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Interviews With a Planner Girl: Alix!

Posted by Venassa Bernard-Smith on

Today we are chatting with Alix!

Alix can be found on instagram as @canadaplannergirl, and she also does some PR work for Happy Honeybee. You can use the code Alix20 for 20% off. 


Please tell us a little bit about yourself as a person!

I find myself to be a quirky individual, I love reading, eating, sleep, yoga, running and of course, lots and lots of planning! I was recently married and am about to move into our first home!

How long have you been part of the planner community?

I started planning when I was younger (academic planners etc) but I became a part of the planner community in 2015, and got my first planner for 2016! 

How many and what kind of planners do you currently use?

I currently plan in an Erin Condren Vertical Neutral and I have my bujo. I do have a personal wide ring-bound but that is strictly for budgeting and isn't a "pretty" planner. 

Why do you plan? What do you get out of it or how does it help you?

I used to plan for plans. I used to use my planner to make everything organized and to ensure a nice to do list every day. Mid-2017 I realized it wasn't working for me. The immediate problem was my planner was too heavy to carry and I was developing shoulder issues!

The other issue was I was scheduling so much in my day I was actually burning myself out. Now I have a new planning style that is great. I plan my week in advance, marking down plans and appointments but leaving the rest as white space. I then go back and memory plan each day! It's really pretty.

I plan because I find it helps me organize my appointments, but also soothes me and it's very fun! 

What products are you currently loving?

I jumped onto the Simply Gilded train last year and honestly, I cant stop! I'm team #useyourwashi and I can honestly say, to try and incorporate it into each week has allowed me to be creative in a way I didn't know I could be. I'm also very much digging my Muji 0.5 clicky pens (in all different colors!). 


Muji 0.5 pens

Do you have any favorite planner-related shops you love?

My favourite planner shops, easily Sweet Tea Sticker Co, Happy Honeybee Designs (full disclosure, I am a PR girl for HHB and I LOVE it) and Coffee Brain Plans. I love CBP for her non-sticker products and still use my 2017 Canada Day felties with joy (the beaver is my favourite!). 

Erin Condren Life Planner

What does ‘planner peace’ mean to you? Do you think you’ve achieved it?

The elusive "planner peace"... personally, I think as a community we need to differentiate between planner peace and honest to goodness fomo.

Do I absolutely want an A5 ringbound because it's pretty, you bet I do!

Do I have a functional system that is also pretty and works well for me? Yes I 100% do.

I feel like currently, many in the planner community probably have planner peace, but feel they don't because they want the newest trend, which isn't a bad thing, we just need to learn to make sure we understand the difference! 

What do you think is the worst part about planning or the planner community?

The most frustrating part of the planner community is the entitlement. Planning, such as we know it in this community, is a hobby for people who can afford it. We are playing/organizing with pretty stickers or tape. The outrage you see for people who didn't get something is pretty disheartening. 

What advice do you have for planner newbies?

Planner newbies, I know you are tempted to buy everything, but honestly, don't. Buy one or two discount planners, usually horizontal and vertical, to see what style works best for you. Maybe a couple character stickers you KNOW you'll use, and some washi from your craft store. Find a style that works for you and shop the sales where you can!

Is there something unique you do or track in your planner that you’d like to share?

In my planner I like to track reading every day. One of the great parts of my planner is reducing tech time, and so marking reading is just further reduction in tech time! 

What is something you tried out that wasn’t for you?

I once tried no white space planning and honestly, I have those pages paper clipped together when I look back for memory weeks because it gives me such a bad migraine. 

Do you ever get in a planner funk and how do you get out of one?

I get into planner funks usually 1- 2 x a year. I make a concerted effort to go back into my planner and find a kit that works for me, that I get excited about. Usually though, I will give myself a challenge like planning with my leftovers or planning using only washi and samplers. I did this recently and it was excellent! 

Anything else you'd like to add?

I think it's amazing that Venassa of Coffee Brain Plans is taking time to do these interviews. We see such a curated life in the planner community, it is nice to get a less filtered and realistic view of the people behind those nicely pictured planners! 

Cheers Venassa and thank you!!!! 
Interviews with a Planner Girl
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  • This was a great read. You did a excellent job Alix!
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