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Ultimate Planner Gift Guide: The Planner Girl’s Wish List

Shopping season is upon us. I honestly do not know how this happened. I mean, I started Christmas shopping in July, but here we are in November and not only am I not done, I no longer have the motivation to finish the shopping I started months ago. Oy.

That’s why I’m here today. I know there are others out there just like me – scratching their heads, wondering what to get their planner obsessed wife/girlfriend/sister/mother – and I am hoping I can save you a bit of frustration by helping you find the perfect gifts for the planners in your life!

The Planner

As you know, the most important part of planning is having a planner! My personal preference is currently the Happy Planner. I feel that the reason I gravitate toward the Happy Planner is because I can get them locally at Michael’s, and I like to be able to flip through a planner before I commit to purchasing it. 

Of course, Erin Condren is also a popular planner option. I’ve been eyeing the EC planners for a long time, and I think I may make the switch in 2020 (let’s be real, I already bought my 2019 Happy Planner).

Both are wonderful options for gifts. If you’re not sure, you can purchase one for me and I promise to be grateful!


Now that you’ve purchased your favourite planner girl an actual planner, it’s time to get her a few pens! Listen, I swear by a good pen. The better the pen, the neater my handwriting. No joke.

Every single pen I use in my Happy Planner has been purchased from Coffee Brain Plans. Venassa has such a wide variety of pen options, but my absolute favourite are the diamond topped pens. These pens write so smoothly and look so luxurious!


When it comes to stickers, I have a few favourite shops. I recommend you check out any of the following shops to get your hands on high quality, beautiful, and unique stickers sure to please any planner on your shopping list! I've provided my favourite options from each, along with direct links to their shops, to make your shopping that much easier. 

Coffee Brain Plans

Elle Plan

Simply Beautiful Plans

Scribble Sticker Co

Allycat's Shop


Whether the planner girl in your life has two rolls of washi or 200 rolls, she will always need more. You can never go wrong with washi. 

Venassa currently has dozens of washi options available on her site, including custom, exclusive washi that she designed. You won't find anywhere else. 

Planner Clips and Charms

Now that you've purchased a planner, some pens, a few weekly kits, and a roll or two of washi, it's time to accessorize with some gorgeous planner clips and charms. Each of the shops below offer some of the cutest accessories around!

Miss Pippa Jayne

Created by Danielle

Papertrail Craft Co.

Planner and Pen Storage

I think my favourite planner related item has to be pen and planner storage. I don't like leaving my planner in my purse or backpack because the cover often gets scratched and becomes worn looking. Also, I have had one too many loose pens floating around my purse that ended up exploding. As a result, I always have my pens tucked away in a cute pencil case. These shops have all the planner girl in your life needs when it comes to pen and planner storage!


PMW Boutique

Sew So Sweet Stuff

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals can be used in a number of different ways - they can be used to decorate planners, cell phones, even water bottles!

I've mentioned Allycat's Shop already in this gift guide, but I wanted to feature another of her products that I love and I know your favourite planner girl will as well - her bow decals! 

Or you can get a personalized name decal from Coffee Brain Plans to put on the front page of your planner where you would normally write your name. 

Etsy Gift Card

Maybe you've made it through this gift guide and you're not sure which of the above items best suits your gift giving needs. That's totally okay! When I began browsing Etsy for my own planner purchases, I didn't know where to start. I wanted anything and everything I could get my hands on. If you'd like to leave the final buying decision up to the person you're buying for, then cover all your bases with an Etsy gift card. You can e-mail the gift card directly to the recipient, or you can print off a gift card to give in person. Either way, I know it will be a gift that is very well received. Click here to purchase an Etsy gift card!


I've saved the absolute best for last. If you want to really wow someone, heck, even knock their socks off, this is the way to do it. I honestly have dreams about owning a Silhouette. It's definitely a big ticket item, but I can assure you that if you give this to any planner girl, she will have to pick her jaw up off the floor. A Silhouette would allow her to print and cut her very own stickers - a planner girl's dream come true! You can find one on Amazon here and here - for my Canadian and American readers, respectively.

If you do purchase one, can I come over and stare at it longingly?


I hope that I've helped you narrow down your gift giving options and alleviated a headache or two in the process. I know that any of the products above, provided by some of the best planner shops around, would make any planner girl in your life extremely happy. 

Happy shopping! 
Ultimate Planner Girl Gift Guide

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