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OOPS Bag of Planner Stickers

OOPS Bag of Planner Stickers

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Looking to give our stickers a test drive? What better way than a discounted grab bag of oops stickers. These stickers will include stickers where the cut is off a bit, some uncut stickers (rare), stickers that are printed in lower quality, stickers that have one spot on the sheet, or sheets that are discontinued or missing a few stickers. 

• A variety of any Oops/Misfit stickers sheets that I carry in my shop. Will include at least 7 sets (one set consists of one half sheet or two quarter sheets or three mini sheets) so you will get a little bit of everything. 

• Weekly kit stickers are sized to fit the classic Happy Planner.
• Largest sheet is 7.25 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall.
• Grab bag is all stickers is good condition - NOT an oops bag. 

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• Venassa